To hook liquor to the point of being drunk .
Smith and the boys were getting tight last night
by Flightboy86 February 19, 2017
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01: Have a tendency to be mean and disagreeable.
02: Intentionally crackdown, show out, have a attitude, act ignorant or act foolish.
Haters get tight when your worth some millions.
-FAT JOE (from the song, Lean Back)
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant April 28, 2005
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When bro just getting to tight
White Person: Are u that obsessed w me that u csnt even give an answer??
Non White Person: why is bro getting tight
by tayzed May 17, 2022
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Scots, chiefly East Coast.

To receive abuse, pisstaking.
Shug brought that fat bird hame the night, he's getting it tight later oan, like.

Martin was totally pissed off the other night cuz we wur giving him it tight about his maw and her prostitution business.

by Sengabus September 8, 2007
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When someone is upset for others actions
Every time I fail that bitch Miss.Knight class I just sit there like you get me tight .
by Thotty1129 April 20, 2015
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“Tight” meaning mad or irritated. People usually say it when they are being irritated. Typically it is slang used by New Yorkers
Yo dont get me tight seriously
by TheGNIYA December 28, 2017
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A phrase popularized by the Freddyboy Show, an internet show. The host Freddyboy signs off every episode with the phrase "Get It Right, Get It Tight" The literal meaning is to find a hot chick that is not a slut. More generally one can interpret it to mean to live life with obedience to your own moral code and find a partner that is not a slut or a man whore, or interpret it to mean to go out and seek success. The expression is often used in a back and forth banter of the extrapolated version of the sign off on the show. The expression is also abbreviated as GIRGIT.
Friend A - Whatcu ben up to?
Friend B - Been job hunting
Friend A - Get it right get it tight!
Friend B - Cause if it ain't tight...
Friend A - It definitely ain't right.
by FreddyBoyFanPage April 6, 2014
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