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Can you believe that old man takes his boat apart every year at the waterfall and has to schlepp it up and down that treacherous hill ?
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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Noun to describe a despicable, self centered, arrogant, deceitful male of the human race, rarely used by women as the term has implicit mysogyny. In America asshole is the next best synonym used by both males and females to refer to a cocksucker; just as it is agreed between the sexes in America that a bitch is a very difficult unpleasant woman. When an actual cocksucker calls another man a cocksucker it usually means stupid. In the British Isles the same phenomena surrounds the word cunt whereby a man puts down another man by comparing him to the female genitalia. (occasionally a term of endearment). Similarly in North America , a close synonym to cocksucker is dick used freely by both males and females to refer to the asshole . In UK asshole is a term used by both male assholes and female twats to describe a stupid person, which is infact an example of Jungian projection . Finally in America the insult bitch, a distant cousin of cocksucker, has become somewhat of a free for all friendly tease between members of all sexes, and sexual orientations.
"He ain't just an asshole he's a motherfucking cocksucker, and she ain't just a bitch, she's a pure cunt"
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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Something man made which is of supreme craftsmanship , high functionality, high quality and amazing. Usually a piece of machinery like a car, motorcycle or but cycle; but sometimes referring to works of art or music.
"Man that painting is tight ! Look at the detail and how it all comes together"
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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A derogatory and slanderous name for a woman who is sexually promiscuous with numerous asshole men who treat her badly . This term may have been used a century ago comparing women to horses but it took root in the late 1960's basically among counter/counter culture long haired redneck white supremacist Harley riding, drinking, drugging, hell raising mysoginists It implies that the speaker of the term is too good for the woman he is critisizing.
One male to another :" Man she looks like she been rode hard and put away wet". His buddies reply: " Yeah I wouldn't even fuck her with ur dick+"
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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"Word" is Biblical in origin. Young American white hipsters stole this term in the mid 2000's from black American youth who had been using it since the mid nineties. Most people don't know what it means, thinking it means awesome or radical. The originators of the term had been raised in Protestant Churches and it was actually a secret code word to recognize like minded brothers and sisters in the street, where out of necessity profundity was disguised as profanity. However this term was used occasionally by Dr.Cornell West as early as the 1970's. It is a less prentious way of kissing ass with a namaste while acknowledging the divinity in another, as well as ending a conversation. It literally means ultimate or transcendant.
Statement:"Da nigga be grabbin his dick at me". Sarcastic reply "Word ! ". Or in the more authentic context of the word one
might share " I am feelin fucked up " to which another acknowledges " Ah heard dat" , and a third person offers a validating "Word ! "
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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An acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Which aptly describes the illusion of egocentric fear. Usually fear of people, money worries, paranoia, bad tripping, neurosis, and even fear of death or illness.
Question "What does FEAR stand for ? ". Answer: "False Evidence Appearing Real"
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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