also: Tie Shoes, Tie My Shoes, etc.
A euphamism for fellatio.
Vera will totally tie your shoes if she gets drunk enough.


Brandy decided to tie my shoes right there in the car. It felt great.
by Elder Rabbit December 24, 2008
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A blowjob in which a man is sitting in a chair and someone is sucking him
Guy 1: Did Vanessa tie your shoes last night?
Guy 2: Hell yeah it felt great!
by CJC Killa January 6, 2017
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An expression of sarcastic pity or sympathy.
Person 1: Like, oh. my. gawd. I broke a nail!!! I'm, like, dying!
Person 2: (sarcastically) Awww, I'll tie your shoe at your funeral.
by Dr. McP May 8, 2006
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He is a Very cool dude

If you meet him make sure to get his autograph because woah he’s an awesome guy :)
Person 1:Wait thats is that LEO TIE YOUR SHOE LACES!!!
Person 2:cooleo
Person 3:woah that really is cool dude Leo!!
by You’re a 3 year old January 9, 2020