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The dot on top of a lower-case letter i.
Don't forget to put the tiddle on your lower-case i's.
by RoxHardy July 16, 2010
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Is a slang term that defines 1/8 of a whole or total.
"Bro give me a tiddle of that weed."
"Her titties are a tiddle the size of your ex girlfriend's."
by Bearlioncat January 16, 2018
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Whilst en route to being highly intoxicated there is point at which one realises they are slightly drunk yet can still maintain regular human functions. At this point the quantity of alcohol consumed may not corelate to the state of intoxication. This point is tiddles.
Hey bro I'm fucking tiddles.

Haha sick
by Mad Bop October 25, 2018
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adjective: it is a cross between a tad and a little, meanning a bit.
"ah man its chilly outside"
"yeah, just a tiddle"
by erizleackadizzle January 26, 2009
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When someone scratch's your behind with their pinky finger. (Yes it has to be the pinky.)
"Do you think you could TIDDLE my dairy aire please?" In which your friend, girlfriend, wife, colleague, boss, brother, room-mate, mother, grandma, grandmama, grandpa, grandpapa, or grandpapapa, (grandmamama can't do this because she has lost feeling in her Pinky finger), Strangers, team-mates, famous athletes, cousins, Witches, tutors, teachers, principals, pastors, deans, the popes, store clerks, the mailman, maids, the farm hands, the pool boy, the lawn carer, the butler, adopted children, Hamburglar, and camp counselors, have to do it.
by donttouchthechalkmarks October 26, 2010
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