Someone that steals your hamburger(s)
Hamburglar: "Give me all your hamburgers"
Peasant: "No way"
by Harm1 July 7, 2011
1) An act of sex whereby a virgin (the burger meat) is wedged between two fat people (the buns) that proceed to hamburgle the virginity of the patty in the middle.

2) A culinary cassanova that makes happy meals happier with his absurdly large peen. On Halloween, he has been known to e sneaks into children's houses at night, putting a hamburger up good little boy's sweet bungholes. He then tops their bungholes of with a generous portion of his secret sauce.
1) I heard that Laslo got hamburgled a year ago. He has never walked the same since then.

2) "My lord Hamburglar, I offer my tight butch hitch as an offering for you. I pray that you might play with my like a happy meal one day and fill me with you secret sauce, Amen"
by Donkey Peen October 22, 2019
The Hamburglar is a person who stays in handicap stalls and he wipes shit all over the walls, he mostly draws smiley faces and has a big mac bun between his butt cheeks.
"I drew smile faces on the walls!"
"You must be the Hamburglar!"
by Hamburger Criminal August 24, 2022
a stealer of meat, particularly ham
Grandson:good golly gee willakers flipidy dipidy doo grandpa my hamburger's gone

Grandpa:I think it was that there "Hamburglar" boy

*strange little man in a black and white costume with a cape running off into the distance*
by gank of america March 17, 2007
When you buy McDonald's, break into someone's house, eat it and leave your garbage behind.
Oh no! My house is a mess! The Hamburglar struck again!
by black as truck December 1, 2016
An incompetent driver; anyone who shows a lack of competence behind the controls of a motorized vehicle.
Friend 1: So how is the road trip going?
Friend 2: Well I just entered Jersey and- OH GOD THAT HAMBURGLAR RAN OVER THOSE CHILDREN!
by Arnettia August 16, 2010
this Person likes to Attract atTention fRom the polIce and other Casual onlooKers, by stealing My Curvasious burgers with their bright Green leAves of lettuce and plumb buNNs. The Hamburglar's favorite saying is, "Be smart, make the connections, and maybe you'll find the real Hamburglar!"
A masked, and caped night stalker who steals people food from fast food joints. This theif goes by the name of Hamburglar
by sleepingsquirrel May 5, 2009