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A big munter who talks alot of shit, commonly recognised as looking like a butthole and has the personality of a b-sack
"Oh man that kids a munter, must be tibb"
Guy 1: Mate, your such a Tibb!
Guy 2: WTF (Way Too Far) mate! Seriously!
Guy 1: I'm Sorry, I take it back.
by BuKlarkke July 21, 2010
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A person who is different in many ways. Differs on size. usually born weighing many punds and then usually gets passed by everyone for size at around 12 or 11 very cool guy if you get to know him. Nice guy, respectful, enjoys having fun with friends. Often Canadian. Any body named Tibbs is very fun though if you get to know him. hes athletic and enjoys sports where you run a lot like basketball soccer or track. he usually plays in a defensive midfield or goalie position. he can catch things quite well. He has some nice friends and curly blonde or dark brown hair. Enjoys holidays and takes things way to serious. tries to come up with excuses for things being said. EX: Guy: dude you barely have grown!!!
Tibbs: yeah becasue my birthday is later than you guys!!
Guy:Yeah only about 4 months. Normally takes a couple of years to make a move on a girl. Even though a girl finds him attractive.
Girl1: Do you know that guy Tibbs
Girl2: yup i sure do!
Girl1: i wanted to make a move on me in like 1st grade but he hasnt even done it yet and we are 14!!!
Girl2: its ok. eventually he will.
Girl1: You said that in 6th grade. i think i will talk to one of his friends to convince him
Girl2: i already has done that and still he won't!!!
by Barzaa December 19, 2011
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Noun or verb.
food/good grub, go out to eat, or to eat
Ayy Chairmo, what's there to tibb on in here?
Yo Shima, let's get some tibb.
Carlo, you tibb that.
by CarJay February 08, 2010
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