A person who knows what you mean when you say something but acts confused.
Jonny: I have food on my table and a roof over my head. I am blessed.
Stevens: What kind of a house doesn't have a roof?
Jonny: It's a saying you dumb fuck!
by Vam Pire 101 August 17, 2017
Probably you considering that you searched this
Damn he can’t figure out what a dumb fuck is
A person who is dumb beyond belief. Not someone named Kate.
by lycheeh8r January 17, 2012
A dumb fuck is someone that is undeniably stupid, they can't get their life together because of their epic level of stupidity, so they just continue to do dumb fucking shit, like dumping their millionaire girlfriend for an old Filipino prostitute that's married and has a kid.
(A) Have you ever met that guy Toby?

(B) No, I don't think I have...wait! Is he a dumb fuck?
(A) Yes! He's the guy I was telling you about, the one who got engaged to a married Filipino prostitute.

(B) Woah, he really is a dumb fuck.
by Honestyyyyy December 8, 2014
Any person on here that says if u are reading this because that's wut this website is made to do u dumb fuck
Damn that guys a dumb fuck ahahaaa
by Jwrizzle mynizzle May 12, 2018
Paul: Why is this dumb fuck looking at random words on urban dictionary?

Blart: What do you mean dumb fuck? You do the same thing!

Mall cop: Hey could you dumb fucks stop saying dumb fuck? There are kids in this mall!

Paul and Blart: Fine dumb fuck!

Mall cop: Thank you dumb fucks!

Paul and Blart: You're welcome dumb fuck!
by hejkfdxkjxkjdskjxjkxjmkxjcm March 25, 2018
The girl you just had sex with who thought a condom was something you put on a hot dog.
That girl I met at the bar was such a dumb fuck; I can't believe I actually fucked her.
by MrWord March 26, 2009