A Tiare is the most perfect girl on the planet. She is smart; kind; and everyone loves her and wants to be her friend, or just like her when they grow up. Her love is passionate and sexy. She leaves men wanting more, and women questioning their sexuality by how gorgeous she is.

If you ever have the chance of dating a Tiare, never let her go. She is so rare it’s insane. Once you meet her you will never be the same again.
*Tiare walks into a room*
Boy: “I’m going to marry that girl.. I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way
by provoallstarsamirite January 12, 2020
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The most amazing girl ever. Typically very beautiful inside and out. Will make the best girlfriends, lover, wife. An AMAZING mother one day. Can be immature, is a young soul yet an old soul. Has had a lot of boyfriends who she isn’t very interested. Kind of a player. Although, once she finds her soul mate (which is typically a best friend first) she is forever theirs.

Rockin body, super hot and is really really good at bj’s. If you ever date a Tiare, marry her asap and lock her down and don’t make the stupid mistake of leaving her. Go back and get her before it’s too late idiot
guy: holy shit dude tiare is so perfect
guy #2: i know man if i ever date her i’m getting her pregnant and locking her down.. she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen
by provoallstarsamirite January 12, 2020
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An absolutely beautiful girl who is the best friend you could ever have.

Says "That's what she said" all the time.
Is her name Tiare?
by faholo July 15, 2010
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Tahitian Gardenia found all throughout Polynesia.
by . March 18, 2005
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She’s so smart.She likes to play Fortnite.Shes smart,pretty,beautiful,sexy.
Me:Hey look that’s my GF

Then woah she’s an angel
by Jiaaarrrreeee January 31, 2019
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Nice person who lives close to the beach
Hey... I saw Tiare grinding it on yesterday's test!
by Noah_ March 2, 2018
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The most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman to ever inhabit the Denver metro area. If you ever come across her, you'll surely fall in love... shitloads.
by iterum February 3, 2010
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