when you have nothing else to say to someone who just roasted you.
Person 1: Most accidents happen on highways, that's where you were born.

Person 2: ok thanks
by koiepops November 13, 2019
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when you have nothing else to say back to a roast. the only word that will end an argument but with the cost in losing the battle.
bob: most accidents occur on a highway, thats where you were born
fred: ok thanks
bob: (gives up on life)
by koiepops November 13, 2019
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When you need to abruptly end a conversation and have simply had enough contact with other humans. It can be used to end a conversation at any point, and is especially useful if the person is repeating themselves.
John: so yeah Sandra was like totally into me and I was..
Me: ok thanks bye (OTB) (hangs up, gets up and leaves)
John:….totally into her.. hey Steve are you there / where are you going
by GoldCrack May 17, 2022
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something a chodemaster says when he/she doesn't take the time to actually read the email you just sent
John (chodemaster): "Can you look into this? (forwards an email chain without actually even reading anything attached)"

Mike: "Hey so I accidently deleted all the customer records in the database and didn't do anything you just asked"

John (chodemaster): "ok cool thanks"
by America58 June 18, 2013
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Response used by an individual who couldn't afford the product they asked about.
How much is that Ford Pinto
$2 500
OK thanks
by Mr Hammo June 10, 2022
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