cool sound at the beginning of a movie.
oh dude here come's the thx sound.
by a clever ud user October 2, 2009
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Bastardization of 'Thnx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanks,' which is a bastardization of 'Thank You.'
<Biatch>: I killed your rabbit!
<bish>: thx
<Biatch>: np
by bastardized bottomburp March 23, 2003
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I don’t wanna talk to you/I don’t want a convo
by Fuk Mi Herd May 30, 2019
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What illiterate fucks who can't spell use for "thank you" online. Bastards.
hay dood, thx fer teh info.
by hornypanda March 21, 2004
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Don't have a clue what this stands for, but it's a digital theatrical sound system developed by Lucasfilm Ltd. It was named after the classic George Lucas film, THX-1138.
"That megaplex near the mall has THX!"
by star8706 February 2, 2003
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it is an abbreviation of thanks. it's normally used at internet
person 1: how u doing?

person 2: fine, thxs!
by webtroll April 25, 2018
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