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1) Well, it depends on who you talk to. Ignorant people just say people from Latin America are latino. But if you talk to people from Europe and Latin America, you learn that it's people of LATIN decent. AKA t3h Romanz, lolololol.

Yes, people of LATIN decent. For example, in Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and believe it or not, Romania. Of course you have like parts of Switzerland and like Southern Germany. And basically Latin America, since they were all raped by Spaniards and/or Portuguese settlers, so they're Latinos too.

Not to be confused with HISPANIC, which is of just Spanish/Portuguese decent. Because we know they're the same because they're in the same peninsula.

Either way, people have different definitions of what a "Latino" person is. In short, it's a person of Latin decent.

ANother debate is whether if Quebec becomes its own country if it would be included as part of Latin America. Seeing how it's of Latin decent, and it's in North America, I personally don't see why not. And don't say that it's entirely different from other Latin American countries, because all Latin American countries are different. Compare Argentina to Brazil. Completely different cultures.

2) Someone very passionate during sex. AKA Italians and French men.
1) Guy 1: I'm Italian, does that make me Latino and can I get scolarship money plz?
Guy 2: Dude whatever, we're all humans.

2) I slept with a Latino last night.
by keke June 16, 2005
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1) Kdo (noun)

a person or something that has a physical existence or a specific kind or manifestation of individual character pertaining to yuchenism. Is also known to appear in many ordinary daily life applications.

2) Kdo (verb)

to perform, as an action; to execute; to transact to carry out in action that includes the ideals of Kdology.

3) Kdo (noun)

a type of sexual intercourse, or the activities, feelings, desires related to Kdology
1. "Uhh...your kdo is hanging out."
"Dude, I wanna watch Star Wars 2: Attack of the kdo's."

2. "WTF, how dare you kdo my girlfriend?!"

3. "Hey maybe we can go back to my place and do some...kdo'ing?"

Source Monica Kdosky, Jan 19, 2005
by keke January 11, 2005
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A sexy white basketball player for the University of Maryland College Park known as WHITE CHOCOLATE because he is a sexy ghetto white boy!
Yummy, yummy NIk! Holla at a sista, boy!
by keke December 29, 2004
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n. bad, not good, no thx
(see also thx)
by keke April 8, 2003
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1. n. nickname for a dirty old physics teacher who cannot speak english with a tendency for student smokage
2. n. a type of penis bird
3. adj. one who smokes another like a physics teacher
damn the chooger!

look its a chooger penis bird!

what a dirty old chooger!
by keke April 7, 2003
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A game which is to envolve a group of Jamicans rapping around in a circle. Participants are to take their turn and to throw all kinds of insults at each other. Usually, this game is to be played during lunch time to impress young school girls. This game is named after a champion rapper called "Haz" who invented this game to encourage Jamicans to show off thier talents. Unfortunately, he died due to excessive sex practice from all the young girls he got after his rapping games.
Whites: "I wish I could become a Jamican so I can play haz with all the sick kunts!"
by keke April 19, 2003
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I do my thizzle.
by keke November 16, 2002
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