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1) Kdo (noun)

a person or something that has a physical existence or a specific kind or manifestation of individual character pertaining to yuchenism. Is also known to appear in many ordinary daily life applications.

2) Kdo (verb)

to perform, as an action; to execute; to transact to carry out in action that includes the ideals of Kdology.

3) Kdo (noun)

a type of sexual intercourse, or the activities, feelings, desires related to Kdology
1. "Uhh...your kdo is hanging out."
"Dude, I wanna watch Star Wars 2: Attack of the kdo's."

2. "WTF, how dare you kdo my girlfriend?!"

3. "Hey maybe we can go back to my place and do some...kdo'ing?"

Source Monica Kdosky, Jan 19, 2005
by keke January 11, 2005
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I do my thizzle.
by keke November 16, 2002
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a fine a** man, that defintely got it goin on in erry way ... aka: Drew
deelux, baby, you lookin real sexy 2day, why don't you stay home and let ya lil mami chula take care a you alll day?
by keke February 28, 2005
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1. n. nickname for a dirty old physics teacher who cannot speak english with a tendency for student smokage
2. n. a type of penis bird
3. adj. one who smokes another like a physics teacher
damn the chooger!

look its a chooger penis bird!

what a dirty old chooger!
by keke April 7, 2003
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A phrased used since forever recently trademarked by Le Paris Hilton. It can be used in whatever situation, and it will always make sense.
Your grandma died.
That's hot.


Can you take out the garbage?

That's hot.

It lightens up the situation.
by keke April 10, 2005
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sexci ^_^
"Gee your looking subdolusy tonight"
by keke August 8, 2003
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