another fucked up term used by those idots
who CHAT and im each other the whole day Short for thanks
1:i thnx for the im:
2:np tc
Me:what the fuck NP? TC? THNX?
Yahoo: this user has been kicked out of this chat room
by i hate chatting August 6, 2005
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please find attached docs.
by deltrod May 31, 2010
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An unnecessary slang term which happens to include the same amount of characters as the word it's representing, thanks
Thnxs for letting me know I'm the utter definition of edgy for using this slang term.
by Ciprocal April 7, 2017
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when your friend say to you thnx obama it's mean that he/she is so grateful for you especially when you did something that he is strongly need it.
boy1: y'know ma friend I wanna get ma new boo a gift bt am broke up

boy2: dn't worry I will lend you some money

boy1: really thnx obama
by abdo123 September 8, 2010
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Means saying THANKS many times..
Mathamatically Ton=10,000kgs..
So we can use this word to express our thanxs....
Ramu: Hey dude! congratulations...
Anil: thnx a ton..!
by Anil Reddy July 11, 2008
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