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This is what southerners refer to a turkey (wild turkey) as. Typically hunters affectionately call wild turkey males (toms) "Thunder Chicken" because of the male vocalization (gobble) to attract females during mating season. - YES - I'm a redneck.
Did you hear that "Thunder Chicken" boys? He's all riled up and ready to mate.
by kingpossum January 24, 2010
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1) youth who masterbaits so violently that he shakes the building

2) gay slang for a well built (gay) adolescent. Presumably a jock.
1) Max was such a thunder-chicken that I just had to leave the dorm room until he was done jerking off. It just wasn't safe on the top bunk.

2) Tom's years as a gym rat paid off. He's 17 now and such a thunder-chicken that he has all the old queens fawning over him.
by james savik September 23, 2009
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US Marine Corps slang for the vertical take-off and landing aircraft V-22 Osprey
"Yeah, we had to jump into a hot AO... did it out the ass of a thunderchicken... bitchin."
by Cajun Scientist June 21, 2009
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Any type of weed that is considered as fire, or maybe even dro. Some bomb ass weed usually referred to by the greatest rapper ever, Lil Wyte. Term originated in North Memphis, TN.
Say you pushin' thunder chicken, bag it up, let's watch it twirk.
by Lil Chip April 15, 2005
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Verb, Adverb, Noun: Slang (1)A band or musician that is incredible.(2) To do well. (3)taking a good hit of marijuana

Popularized in the midwest based on the popular Michigan band "The Thunderchickens."
(1)That song was incredible, the band really put the thunderchicken in it.

(2)How was the test? I thunderchickened it.

(3)Are you going to Thunderchicken all of it?
by Barry Seward October 19, 2007
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What you get when you add a packet of Koolaid to Thunderbird wine. (Circa 1997 New Orleans Gutterpunks.)
Hey G-fly, I got two packets of koolaid - you want mountainberry or tropical punch Thunderchicken?
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A restaurant in Seoul, South Korea that serves the best fried chicken in the world.
Danielle: Hey, Alex, want to get some Thunder Chicken?
Alex: Sure! I got a pocket fulla change!
by KUMelissa January 27, 2008
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