Term used to define that fat chick at the bar that gives it up to anyone and everyone. Usually a carrier of many sexually transmitted diseases.
I'm never drinking again, I got wasted and woke up between Thumper's fat rolls.
by jr0k May 03, 2011
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The stupid lower middle class bastards who think they are ghetto, dress like they are still in high school - though most are around 30 years of age - usually drive small cars (like Hondas) that are painted in strange color variations (usually of blues or purples) and have their "gangsta" names in plastic stick-on letters on the side window of their thumper car which traditionally has less value than the modifications made to it. The name "thumper" comes from the annoyingly loud, repetetive and artistically devoid music which they prefer.
"Damnit, look at that jackass thumper, I wish he'd turn his friggin' music down."
by KKR November 25, 2006
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When you're going down on someone or having sex and their leg won't stop twitching...
You better bring a helmet. She's a thumper.
by NotAThumper July 13, 2009
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n- similar to the dirty sanchez. the thumper is when you take your thumb and stick it in a girl's butthole while doing her doggy style.
I gave her the thumper and pulled her hair, than i had to wash my hands.
by The Merman August 14, 2006
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A Thumper is a very beautiful girl that deserves the best out of everything,she is the nicest person with a great sense of humor, she is a guppy
Did you see her yea She thumper.
by 2012matt2012 July 26, 2011
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One of a group of extreme, religious zealots. Referring to the tendency to thump ones bible in condemnation of others.
Yeah, he/she a bible thumper.
by Capt. Spastic April 15, 2011
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