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a 50 buck preppy flip flop made of the substance leather which molds to one's foot. underneath the leather is a layer of soft unknown substance. can be single our double stacked.
In our town, we rock rainbows just about every day. Mine are brown.
by tunit5cent March 04, 2006

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the worst time of day, mostly described as the time you have to wake up to get to your piece of shit job or the time of day when your passed out on a stranger's house.
dude 1: "yo u totally crashed on my couch last night"
dude 2: "sorry i just found out this morning"
dude 1: "dude u fucked my sister"
by tunit5cent February 05, 2006

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adjective describing something that smells terrible, not to be confused with skank nasty. can be used in multiple situations.
person 1: "yo dude you need to wash that bball uniform"
person 2: "whaa? why?"
person 1: "that shit is STANK NASTY"
by tunit5cent February 27, 2006

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a horrible spinoff of a great show that makes the people who comment on things act like celebrities when really people havent heard of them. also shows the crappy leftover shit that they never got around to discussing the first 2 shows.
person 1: Hey man, did you see I love the 80's 3d last nite?
person 2: um no only fags watch that shit
person 1: oh...
by tunit5cent February 05, 2006

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a drinking game that is played as follows: a group of people gather round a table with shot glasses spread out before them. each person has one "symbol", such as touching the nose, and when someone does theirs to you then you do your symbol. When not doing your symbol, you and everyone else just watching bangs the table and chants "thumper thumper thumper" until you are looked at and the symbol is in your direction. anyone who doesnt do their symbol takes a shot, as well as anyone who points. very fun, very loud. its awesome.
instead of having an office meeting, we just found the liquor cabinet and played thumper.
by tunit5cent March 30, 2006

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