A branch of obnoxious drivers who pack their cars with ridiculously powerful subs, and blast shitty, overly synthesized, "thumpy" rap music to assert their dominance. In most cases, thumpers can also be referred to as rattlers, due to the intensely low frequency vibrating shaky or loose parts in the car's frame, emitting an even more annoying rattling sound.
Friend 1: "I didn't get any damn sleep. Fucking thumpers kept strolling by my house".

Friend 2: "Dude, I know! Just this morning, I was sitting at a red light, and my rear-viewies were shaking from a thumper two cars behind me!"
by IsraelHands09 October 05, 2011
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a drinking game that is played as follows: a group of people gather round a table with shot glasses spread out before them. each person has one "symbol", such as touching the nose, and when someone does theirs to you then you do your symbol. When not doing your symbol, you and everyone else just watching bangs the table and chants "thumper thumper thumper" until you are looked at and the symbol is in your direction. anyone who doesnt do their symbol takes a shot, as well as anyone who points. very fun, very loud. its awesome.
instead of having an office meeting, we just found the liquor cabinet and played thumper.
by tunit5cent March 30, 2006
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an absolutely bangingly steamey shit!
"dude, i just took a thumper on your dads chest whilst he was sleeping!!"
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a slang term for the main male sex organ; a penis
She was grindin' me so hard at the club that I whipped out ma thumper right there and gave it to her real good.
by Soupek January 24, 2005
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The throbbing sensation a woman gets in her clitoris when she is sexually excited.
Girl, when Mike kisses me, I get a thumper.
by SpoiledSex December 21, 2010
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Tha M79 single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher used in Vietnam. Otherwise known as the "blooper", "thump gun" "Squad leader's artillery" and "bloop gun"
thumpers were used cause of their reliability, what can go wrong with a pipe that has a firing pin at one end?
by tgrad July 23, 2009
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A guy that's always getting laid. A straight pimp who screws nonstop. Someone with a huge dick and uses it as a giant man hammer.
SDOT loves taking it up the butt 24/7, but they can't handle thumper
by viciousD26 October 06, 2005
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