When a girl is giving a guy head and right before busting a nut, he strikes down violently on her forhead with his penis ( you earn extra points for giving her the flying thumper) you have to get on a chair and jump off of it, giving the thumper extra force.
Hey man this girl was doming me up the other day and she was using too much teeth! so I gave her the thumper man, I saw her wearing a neck brace the next day man.
by flying thumper June 11, 2011
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Your ass is getting THUMPPED!!!
A serious heartattack!!
A wake up!!!
Crazy PERSON!!!
Step the f*ck Back!!!
A ture friend with a big heart!
Bambie and thumper laying in the woods by the big oak tree.
by wildlife4mee June 21, 2006
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A male or female below 30 years of age who is on social assistance despite being perfectly physically and mentally able to work. The male or female also cheats on their forms and information to get greater money from social assistance.
My old room ate was a Thumper, never paid me back or anything, just sat on the couch collecting a fat welfare check.
by AWLIG February 07, 2011
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A person who ignores all logic and reason because they can only hear their Bible which they strike whenever a non-pious word is uttered.
Did you hear Ted dropped out of college? Yeah he's a thumper.
by tehDopeness October 15, 2012
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1. An ugly girl with bad skin
2. A bitch that's gonna go down in BUTT NASTY history
3. A manipulative, attention seeking, chicken legged girl with
4. A person that fucks like a rabbit
5. A manly look girl
Thumper is goin' down!
by Fuck Dominos March 04, 2003
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Thumper is a vehicle equipped with subwoofers and an amplifier that make the vehicle thump
Yo you’re thumper goes off it’s hella loud!

Damn let’s take your thumper !
by XC dictionary September 18, 2017
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