A guy that claims to be "street" or "hood" and spends alot of time playing candy crush on his phone.
Marcus say he be out there in the streets when he really be at home crush thuggin
by Jimsomnia February 10, 2014
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Being passive aggressive in an email in a corporate setting. Going back and forth in an email and making shitty comments to the other party on the sly.
I'll get on my email thuggin game too and fuck his world up.
by T-Drizzle April 21, 2017
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When your phone has no service, so you use Wifi to communicate, or browse your social medias.
Person 1: What's your number ?
Person 2: My phone's off, hit me on Imessage, Im Wifi Thuggin right now.
by 281WileBoy October 01, 2019
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