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A person who looks/acts like someone who would hump boringly, quickly, and selfishly during the act of mating. This person would also finish his or her climax in a annoying seizure like manner, followed by insincere apologies.
Typically spotted wearing Ratt t-shirts, stone washed jeans, cotton muscle sweat pants, cut-off denim shorts, cell phone clips, high school class rings, colored tube socks with LA Gear sneakers, confederate flag fashions of any kind, brass knuckles, Kiss tattoos, Oakley sunglasses indoors, being shirtless in inappropriate locations, turtle necks under sweaters, and anything close to or including a mullet.

"Whoa, look at that Thruster! I'll bet he gives it hard and fast!"

(Pointing out a loud, stuck in 80's metal, mullet-head) "That guy is a serious Thruster!"
by Urban Dictionary May 29, 2005
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