Nickname of Australian superstar swimmer Ian Thorpe, the most decorated Australian athlete at the Olympics with 5 gold medals. Spelling derived from last name and definition from both his incredible speed in the pool and his trademark black bodysuit which he wears to all his competitions.
Even with the help of the Thorpedo, the Austrailian relay swim team could not defeat the US team.
by Natasha August 22, 2004
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Betty took it up the ass from a Thorpedo, now she can't walk!!
by steve January 11, 2005
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When someone with the last name Thorpe has sexual intercourse with you.
Should I let him Thorpedo my pussy?

Talking to a group of girlfriends, “yeah I am definitely going to get thorpedoed tonight”

James Thorpe talking to his friends later “yeah she let me thorpedo her”
by KinkyKels September 29, 2019
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A long, thick, black object heading towards your anus at a average speed of 60 mph. Usually hairy. Ass explosive power after penetration.
Man "My anus started bleeding when the thorpedo hit me"
by Destront January 12, 2015
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1. a douchebag.
2. a person who looks like a giant penis.
1. Bro, you ate the last of my Cluck-U. You are such a fucking thorpedo.
2. Alec Baldwin is a thorpedo.
by Righteous Fist August 16, 2008
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taking what they want without a care in the world
I’m the best, I’m going to thorpedo my way to full marks on the biology exam.
by CharzardBettaBeReadingDis October 20, 2023
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