Very sexy they extra fine well liked ,smart , someone that is very smart , sensitive at times , the real G , someone that you can't mess with
Damm u a Thornton
by Thornton December 8, 2016
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The Ghetto'ist town on earth. The average life expectancy is about 6 months. Our beautiful downtown includes the longest running post office in America. Also, there is a hair salon and some stupid yoga place. About 4 years ago it almost burnt to the ground, good thing it did not because it should be the capital.
If you go to thornton, you better watch your back, or else you wont live long son.
by Phyliss Simmons July 13, 2006
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A person who tells people's secrets, and makes a big deal out of stupid small things
OMG Don't be such a Thornton, you told him Britney Spears' deepest darkest secrets. YA DUMB DOUCHE!
by Tina Fay January 3, 2010
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a prolonged painful irritation that is too big to be removed by conventional means.
my god you're constant whining is like a thornton in my side
by anonymoos2315 October 17, 2006
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A female dog who constantly misses open goals when playing football.

Thorntons are usually very childish and have a high-pitched voice, and thus explains his lack of masculinity. Although he is self-proclaimed that he is a man, it doesn’t reflect the fact that it appears to be one.

The only words Thorntons use are “woof woof” as it is clear that it has lack of grammatical and comprehensive capabilities.

Thorntons are good at football, but when he is near an empty goal, he tends to miss it every single time.
I love to play football with my friends. However, if he is a Thornton, I would’t even think about playing as he misses open goals.
by HarryKaneTheKing August 7, 2018
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A heartless man who has no care for anyone else around him. He is a complete dick head and will definitely rape someone in his future
by Camoman November 23, 2016
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