Meaning this guy/girl gets it done. They know their shit and they are a boss.
Dude that guy chugged 3 beers in a row. This guy fucks!
by Greenmachine07 May 14, 2016
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When your best friends go do something awesome without inviting you or even considering your existence.
"You guys went to see the movie without could you guy fuck me like that?" or "Yea, we guy fuck Emil so much because he is annoying"
by massive erection3 May 10, 2010
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This means that a person is so cool, swagged out and put together, that they must get a lot of attention/interest from other people and may have lots of sexual partners.
by Chlopdx November 25, 2020
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This expression is used to describe a person who, while appearing to be the antethesis of everything cool, hot or sexy, nevertheless gets laid more than a veteran pornstar.

It is a lable reserved only for those who are the top 1% in terms of both frequency of sex and number of sexual partners. It isn’t enough that they get laid more than one would expect. No. The person must be getting laid in amounts far in excess of anything beyond comprehension.

What’s more, the lable is only appropriate if person to whom the lable is directed is completely unassuming or apparently beta. It’s not enough that the person gets laid a lot. They have to get laid a lot and equally appear to be the exact opposite of someone who ever gets laid.
Ron: George Costanza is short, fat, bald, nerd. I wonder if he has ever been laid.

Jerry: You’re kidding right!? That Guy Fucks! That guy has fucked over a thousand girls.


The character Jared on the show Silicon Valley, is a weird quirky nerdy modest by-the-book prude. The character is the complete opposite of someone who appears to regularly have sex. In fact, the character is almost a romantic who is likely to have a single life-long partner. His friends and co-workers have no clue that Jared has a secret life of Fucking until it is revealed several seasons later that “this guy fucks.” When the main character shows up to Jared’s apparently he finds him inundated with pussy. Told ya! “This Guy Fucks!”
by Cumdumpster33 June 02, 2018
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A statement expressed in a pissed off tone to a person whose action(s) has caused great anger due to his idiotic attempt at gaining attention
"This fucking guy! Comes to my house and eats all my food, then leaves."
by Legion36963 February 03, 2012
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someone who got lucky, or someone who is so arrogant or stupid that you can't believe how successful he is.
usually used amongst friends, but can be used on a person who you can't believe is such an asshole, but you don't want to show too much disrespect.
1.look at this fucking guy, he just won 10,000 bucks in the lotto.

2."yo, i just got my dick sucked for 3 hours last nite, haha!"
"you fucking guy! how do you always get these bitches and i dont?"
by scottie k December 15, 2007
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A fucked guy is described as someone who is fatigued the day after a wild session of excessive alcohol and MDMA.
'How you feeling after last night Adam?'
'I'm a fucked guy me'
by seankellyxo November 01, 2015
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