2 definitions by scottie k

someone who is desperate for sex, to the point of it being obvious.
a person who is dying to get laid.
male-"omg, you see that girl's ass? damn!"
friend-"look at you, you mad irsty right now"
male-"i know, i haven't gotten laid in months"
by scottie k December 14, 2007
someone who got lucky, or someone who is so arrogant or stupid that you can't believe how successful he is.
usually used amongst friends, but can be used on a person who you can't believe is such an asshole, but you don't want to show too much disrespect.
1.look at this fucking guy, he just won 10,000 bucks in the lotto.

2."yo, i just got my dick sucked for 3 hours last nite, haha!"
"you fucking guy! how do you always get these bitches and i dont?"
by scottie k December 15, 2007