A penis with an enormous amount of girth but of average length
Hey bro, I was beside Jeff at the urinals and I couldn’t help but notice, he has a nice thermos
by Iphistagash February 13, 2020
Thermos: part of speech adj/ meaning often used to describe a person of large stature. Someone who is tall and round and looks like a thermos.
Dale:Would you look at that big man over yonder jansen.
Jansen: Oh my god that man is such a thermos.
by creep master October 28, 2009
The most amazing invention of the 20th century.
It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. "How do it know?"
by Murph dog and the bandits April 29, 2003
1. a bad joke

2. something that makes no sense at all, WTF mate.

3. exam that kicks your ass.

4. excuse to get drunk on a Wednesday night when you have an 8.30 class the next morning.
After thermo I was waiting for my prof to yell "april fools" but he didnt. That crap was not funny, so we went home and pounded down some jose cuervo.
by china April 1, 2004
A large phallus. has been seen roaming southern Indiana and many foreign countrys. Is gentle when aproached can be petted gently
Wow the Thermos broke my ass muscles!
by Yosemite sam May 14, 2006
A street that has a dead end at one end in the shape of a thermometer.
Person 1: Hey wanna go to that dead end?
Person 2: You mean thermo?
Person 1: Yeah that one.
by mehr October 20, 2007