No matter what this stupid dictonary says, even if it says amazing things about my name, Jansen does not mean whore! Jansen means Gracious, and I know a Jansen and she is and forever will be the farthest from that. To me Jansen means Funny, Athletic, Compassionate, and the by far BEST person you could EVER meet.
Friend 1: Isn't Jansen so nice?!
Friend 2: Totally! She is AWESOME!

Friend 1: I can't believe that she isn't a whore!

Friend 2: Why would you think that?
Friend 1: I read it on Urban Dictonary
Friend 2: Wow...... don't judge a book by it's cover, i'm gonna go hang out with Jansen.
Total JERK for thinking that: Me too
Friend 1: No, your a jerk!
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Term used for having sex in a popular MMORPG known as RuneScape. This sex can be homosexual, heterosexual or even beastly.
Guy 1: I just had a Jansen.
Guy 2: Hmm... Sounds fun.
Guy 1: Why don't we do this right now?!
Guy 2: I'll get my laptop!
Guy 1: I have my Iphone so I can do this 2, 3, 20 times a day!
by Pescados666 October 28, 2007
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When something is exceptionally remarkable, so much that it drives you to compare it to the the artist Theo Jansen. Theo Jansen created kinetic sculptures. Kinetic sculptures are creations of Jansen's that resemble large animals (rhino or elephant sized) which roam beaches and are powered by the wind. Jansen names his moving animal-like sculptures as if they were new species of living animals. This justifiably likens him to a creator of life, or god, and anything compared to him is effectively very cool.
synonyms: awesome; cool; radical; remarkable; wicked; sick; etc.

antonyms: stupid; dumb; retarded


1. i was at the club yesterday and, with respect to your outstanding dance moves, i was like, "your fucking jansen!"

2. this food is great, its fucking jansen.

3. kristina's booty moves faster that a fucking jansen sculpture. She's jansen!

by maparipijapan October 22, 2010
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Biff Jansen otherwise known as Sketch of Papa J is man of great importance to those in Northern Hemisphere. He once saved an entire bus of school children by slaying a beast that had taken them captive.
"Who saved my children?" the frantic woman exclaimed. "It was I, Biff Jansen my lady"
by Steve J. Talon April 6, 2010
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Jansen Douglas is a fictional character that has become somewhat of a legend or tall tale in the upper Midwest. The name Jansen Douglas is loosely based off of Sir Zacharias Jansen, whom invented the telescope.

The story goes that Douglas was born and raised near Rochester, MN to a family of Furbish descent. He found himself to be of rather short stature and with flat-ironed feet. To make up for this, he wanted to work on (and pilot) the biggest, nastiest diesel-powered machines.

So his career was to fix machinery. This was rather contradictory to the fact that by age 19 the man had already totalled five cars...and he was known as a true hazard on the roadways where he romped. Throughout his career, he spent much of his time looming over growlers.

Friends would often find him buried nose-deep in the Hot Wheels pegs or scouring Urban Dictionary. He was also world-renowned for his E-Revo billowing acts. He started out small time but eventually hit paydirt in Sauk Rapids.

Legend has it that Jansen Douglas now lives somewhere in North Dakota. The last claimed siting of him was in mid-2009 at a Slipknot concert in Mankato, Minnesota where he was found laid out in a crumpled heap on the floor with a beer-soaked shirt.

Pictures have supposedly surfaced of this rare being. Each picture almost always has one of two attributes; a large gritting smile; or Douglas shown with wildly-thrown elbows and an R/C body 10 feet above his head and smoke billowing out from the Titan 550's.
That is the well-known story of Jansen Douglas.
by Looped Out November 2, 2009
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Current vocalist of popular Symphonic Metal act Nightwish. She replaced Anette Olson originally was suppose to be a temporary replacement before being asked to join as a permanent vocalist.

Floor can basically sing anything from operatic to rock to growls with ease. With Floor on board Nightwish can use practically any song from their library.

Most fans welcomed Floor with open arms while others didn't like the idea of replacing Anette.

Previous bands include After Forever and Revamp.
Joey: OMG Anette Olson was replaced by Floor Jansen. Man I think Floor is better suited for this type of music.

Rachel : if Floor is fronting Nightwish then what will happen to Revamp ?

*typical soap opera music plays*
by YoukNowwhO December 12, 2016
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