An all round nice guy; smart, good looking, and fun to hang out with. Although he can appear quiet, he is a complete animal once you scratch the surface. His complementary subjects of interest are women and fucking, and will talk exhaustively on either topic when prompted. Rumoured to have a very large penis, he generously uses it to pleasure many ladies. Other men are surprisingly not jealous of Theon, because he makes sure his friends all meet sexy ladies too.

Not to be confused with Theon Greyjoy.
With Theon around we will surely all get laid.
by reasons August 26, 2012
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A coward who will use any opportunity to run away to save his own hide when faced with what he deems an insurmountable obstacle. The only thing he's reliable for is making you cry like a fool because you trusted him to have your back in the first place.
(In a fight): Man, I was no match for that guy! I thought my buddy would have my back but he was a total Theon and ran away!
by Drogonsayswhaaa July 23, 2017
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1. Slang for inflicting unwilling, horrifying male castration. 2. to inflict or undergo general horrific torture, including castration.
1. Joe: "Oh God!"

Tim:" What?"

Joe: "I just heard on the news ISISTheoned a reporter's dick!"
by "Like a wolf, but dire..." April 11, 2015
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the classmate who always loves to talk and act as if they are better than the rest
There is always that classmate who acts like #theone as they always have an opinion and seem to know everything
by Maverick Man September 6, 2017
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theone is a lame nub on irc that talks like this
*Quits theone* (Excess flood)
theone noob no1 likes
by Anon June 4, 2004
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An expression you can say to someone when, after having a past of being a douchebag, they do something incredibly heroic
Theon, you’re a good man
by Dougtherug September 19, 2019
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A sorry excuse for a man and an all-time failure in life. this is the type of man that because he lives in the ghetto believe that he's entitled to saying he is half Mexican when is all factual issue his adoption papers states he's fully white. Do not approach this man as he has a very creepy vibe about him taking off his cap will blind you and possibly confuse you for some type of albino. His over average penis seems to make him excusable for his arrogance and lack of communication. DO NOT BE LIKE THEON, BE BETTER.
I I made the mistake of calling my son Theon but at least he got me on the welfare.
Oh for fuck sake Theon.
by Someone's bitch February 23, 2019
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