To have one's back is to protect one from unanticipated matters, while one is attending to a particular function. This can be seen dramaticallyand concretely in the movie, "Gladiator." THE ACTOR forges an alliance when he suggests that three gadiators form a team by fighting off threats from different directions (fighting back to back.) He states: "We can fight together or die separately." Also, in the revolutionary war period, one of the notables said "We can hang together or hang separately."

Similar idioms would be HAVE MY BACK= "cover me," "fight back to back," "back me up," "play chicky for me," "keep an eye out for me," and "be ready to jump in."
by parceritahotlips April 14, 2009
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Look out, emotional supporter, respects your opinion. Someone who doesn't let others talk shit about you. Protects you from evil in the world.
Have my back and I got yours.
by Divine Shine August 13, 2019
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What you say to your friend when you are secretly in love with them.
Eddie: “You can have my back any day

Buck: “or, you know, you can have mine”
by buddielust January 12, 2021
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A phrase hypothetically asked when one notices that another is blatantly staring at them.
Braedon looks up to see the class fag, Andrew staring at him.
"What, Andy?"
"Oh...nothing." Andrew continues to stare.
"Damn, can I have my face back?"
Andrew busts out crying at the class bursts out in laughter, ridiculing the gay fag.
by Braedon15 October 02, 2008
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