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A very nice name for a very nice boy.

Is the german version of "Theodore", a masculine given name. It comes from the Greek Theodōros meaning "God's gift".

Famous person named Theodor: Theodor W. Adorno, German philosopher

Theodor is often creative and hardworking in a way that inspires people around him to strive to be their best. Theodor, or Theo, for short, is the most lovable man in the universe (although tests so far have only used the planet earth as test-sample).
Hey Theo, dude, your my man!

Theo, oh my Theodor, please come over to night, I love you!
by Ellipropelli August 13, 2012
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Du E Bøsta
get off the damn computer, and go chase some "fuck me" girls!
by LOLLLLLL March 29, 2004
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Just a general badass. Says things like no homo and makes offensive jokes
"bro, you're such a theodor"
by yolo134567890 September 03, 2018
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