Any curly-haired attractive human being.
person 1 : i have a kinky hair fetish
person 2 : you need a theo
by Rico Dynamite June 22, 2010
Fortnite obsessed gaming junkie with an inability to remove his digits from a controller to enable the ingestion of essential nutrition. Usually the favourite child even though he is clearly bested by siblings in every possible aspect. Allergic to salad.
Theo dinners ready, turn that fuckin Xbox off!
by BobMcSwaggen June 22, 2021
The best friend ever! Tall, plays guitar and 4 other instruments, wears colored jeans, has braces, size 13 shoes, awkward yet cute, athletic. Theo is my friend/soulmate, he doesn't know that yet.
Once you meet your Theo, your life will be complete.

Girl 1: ...and he's so tall and cute!
Girl 2: he must be a Theo
by a really weird girl March 31, 2014
The sweetest dime you will ever meet. He has the softest and most comforting voice around. He is so loving, kind, and. He is very cute. If you ever meet someone named Theo, you need to get on that.
"Jesus, Theo is so fine."
"Wow Theo, your such a gentleman."
by stranger666 July 22, 2018
Theo is an incredibly sweet guy. He is smart, caring, witty, handsome, uncomplicated. When he is in a relationship he treats his girlfriend like she means everything to him. Girls that Theo's usually can be seen with in a long-lasting relationships are Anna, Betsy, Becky, Caroline, Haley, Hannah, Lea, Maggie, Sarah, Sabraina. Theo in greek means god.
by THE.THEO December 25, 2012
Theo -> The o -> The hoe

He is part hoe, part stripper.
Theo is so sexy but is a hoe. 😎
by Cultla November 30, 2016
He is very swaggy and has a huge cock, it is so big he killed my mum, his cock can change into a vagina in one blink.
Friend: Theo has a cockgina
by swaggetti February 21, 2021