M: Let’s break up!
W: ...
F: What happened?
W: I broke up with my boy friend..
F: Oh no! I’m sorry
W: I don’t give a fuck!
by Ronly October 29, 2017
January 1 to December 31, I don't give a fuck about what national day it is, so fuck off.
Friend, “ Hey you hear about national grab ass day?”

Me, “ No you hear about national I don’t give a fuck about what national day it is?”
Friend, “No, when is it?”
Me, “ Ok, well it’s today, so fuck off”
by HairyMeatball April 12, 2019
When you actually give a fuck but don’t want others to know you do. When you’re hurt by something but your still that bitch.
Them: “sorry we forgot to tell you we were going to smoke”
Me “i don’t give a fuck you think I give a fuck because I don’t”
by That bitch coco November 27, 2019