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Metaphoric Meaning: it's like two scorpions in the desert fighting to the death...

Literal Meaning: a wild sexual position whereby the man and woman both lay on their backs with their asses facing each other. Their feet are both up in the air pressed against each other and arms lay by their side, palms down at the waist to provide leverage to lift the lower body. A double headed dildo is inserted in both the mans and woman's anus and both proceed to thrust together in opposing rhythms while they lift their heads and stare deeply and intently into each others eyes, taunting each others spirit. Once the energy gets vibrant, each of them take one of their opposing hands and proceeds to masturbate the others genitalia. As each proceeds to roar and really feel the oneness between them, they grip and squeeze together aligning their koundalinis and sending exploding rhythms of euphoric fireworks from their base up through their spines pulsating each others chakras, sending booming energy into their bodies, finally reaching their heads paralyzingly each of them in a celestial orgasmic trance.
Husband: "Hey hun, want to do The Stinger tonight!?"
Wife: "Umm, not tonight babe.. But the dildo is in the fridge if your looking for it."
by MufasaSamson March 22, 2013
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