Every one should want to be Homer Simpson.
1) He never has to do anything.... Marge does it for him.
2) He gets to come home to a giant meal, beer, and the TV. (What more could you ask for in life.)
3) He is one of the stars so no matter how much he fucks up he still never gets in trouble.
4) No matter how bad things are he can still laugh. Not because he has hope...but because he has no damn clue what the hell is going on.
5) All he has to do at work is sit there and eat donut.

** I could go in and on about him but if you aren't convinced now that he has it good then...get a fucking life!!! **
The Simpson’s is the best fucking show ever and for those who don't think so.... you can go suck a male camel stick!!!
by Molly May 09, 2003
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awesome. i think the episode where homer takes over for mr smithers, as mr burns personal assistant is the best. lol!!! or the one where homer travels back in time with the toaster.
marge: homer, did u remember to feed the fishies?
homer: uuuuhh..erm...yeah....?
marge: well done sweety
homer (to lisa) lisa dear, are goldfishes suposed to float on their back?
Lisa: no?
Homer: DOH!!!
by wizkey January 11, 2005
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those people who replied saying that the simpsons are shit...they are just fucking lame cunts..they will have no sense of humor..
this thread turned into bs
by g0t owned? June 13, 2003
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A badass show, I thinks its as goods as ever still
Is the simpsons is getting too stale for you?

by Fenrah May 06, 2005
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A great animated sitcom premiering in late 1989 as a spin off from The Tracy Ullman Show, it is still in production, shown on Network Ten, Australia twice or more a day and shown on FOX in the USA, a movie based on the series will be released in 2007. The show is about Homer Simpson and his family's misadventures in there fictional misfit city Springfield. The actors who voice multiple characters are brilliant, also Phil Hartman who voiced Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz sadly wrote out of the show due to Hartman's homicide.
The Simpsons 1989-
Network Ten
by P Redeckis May 12, 2006
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It's an excellent show, but UPN has been playing the same Season 15 episodes for months, and they are still playing them! PLAY SOME DIFFERENT EPISODES! WE'RE ALL TIRED OF SEASON 15!
The Season 15 episodes of The Simpsons should not play on UPN for another year or two.
by Ablative 3 May 25, 2005
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The best show ever made. the only people who think family guy is better are the ones who have never seen simpsons episodes from the golden years (season 4-8), which are way more clever and consistently funny than anything family guy has ever put out. just think how terrible family guy would be if it went on for 18 seasons.
after watching seasons 4-8 of the simpsons on dvd, i realized that i'm a fucking idiot for ever thinking family guy was the best show ever.
by aids111 November 11, 2006
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