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a show that used to be good. The Simpsons will still be my favorite show of all time. Seasons 4-15 are the best. The first 3 seasons are a little too serious and boring. The last couple of seasons are just about issues like gay marriage, global warming, obesity, body image, and are packed with guest stars, obviously because they are running out of ideas.
The Simpsons needs to end! It will always be a good show, but it just needs to end right now!
by Exhac April 30, 2006
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Swan Lake is a long and very elaborate ballet composed by Pyotyr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The ballet contains beautiful scenery, elaborate costumes and dances all set to a fairy tell involving princes, castles, sorcerers, and swans. Swan Lake is one of the three great ballets (The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake)
Swan Lake is an excellent ballet.
by Exhac May 11, 2006
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Something that's finally gone from Urbandictionary. Thank you, God!
Quality Control is finally gone from urban dictionary.
by Exhac June 3, 2006
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another form of "bling bling". It is a covering for the teeth with diamonds and gold because African Americans think they look rich when they waste all their money on crap like golden upholstery, diamond hub cabs, and grills.
Grills are not glamorous and don't make you look rich. They just make you look stupider than you already are.
by Exhac May 2, 2006
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a chord that is made up of the sixth tone of a scale along with the first, third, and fifth. For example, C6 is C, E, G, and A. The chord is commonly used in jazz and sometimes is used in waltzes and other classical music.
The song Banana Phone contains almost nothing but sixth chords.
by Exhac May 11, 2006
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