All-time classic show that's beginning to show it's age. Used to be brilliant, but now it's only watchable to good.
The Simpsons was great until the writers started running out of ideas.
by IkeM October 24, 2003
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A show which at one time had you on the floor laughing. Among all of FOX's failed attempts at successful TV (Titus, That 80s Show, Greg The Bunny, Futurama, etc.), it's one of the few shows that really brought up the ratings for FOX (Family Guy, That 70s Show, The Simpsons). However, it's getting old and unfortunately enough, is taking the same path as Seinfeld, which, thankfully, was cancelled just after its peak. The Simpsons are now entering their what...16th season? And the jokes are becoming drab and uninteresting. Becoming as big of a shame to itself as Godfather III.
Family Guy is the new, slightly less mature "The Simpsons"
by Mat Marshall19808 October 06, 2005
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A very well done show that has been on the air longer than any other show. Many people bitch about how "funny" Family Guy is while it is just a clone of the Simpsons. If it weren't The Simpsons, Matt Groening would probably slinging hash at his local diner. The Simpsons are not his only work of genius. He also has a book series called "Life in Hell." In attempts to help The Simpsons, South Park makes an episode called "The Simspons Already did it." Which was to show the Family Guy creators that their idea of creating a fat moronic dad had already been taken.
Even though The Simpsons has been on the air for more than 10 years, it manages to stay fresh and make people laugh.
Has such parodies in the show such as "Bye-Bye Nerdie" (Bye-bye, bordie) "SpringField, Springfield" (New York, New York) "Itchy and Scratchy" (Tom and Jerry) A halloween episode in which Homer is a giant ape on an island (King Kong), the "Monorail Song" (the Music Man) and many others, there is basically one in each episode really
Person #1: Ralph Wiggum is the best Simspons character.
Person #2: Yeah, gotta love 'em. I love the Simpsons. Espescially when Homer strangles Bart.
by Prof. Frink April 11, 2006
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seasons 1-12 are the best thing to happen to tv in a long time. The new seasons have lost their edge and lack the wit and good satire from seasons 1-12. The show has lost alot of its sharpness and is dull and too mainstream. But i will stay with the show till the bitter end.
the show used to be gold but has lost its shine.
by matt dold August 26, 2004
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a show that used to be good. The Simpsons will still be my favorite show of all time. Seasons 4-15 are the best. The first 3 seasons are a little too serious and boring. The last couple of seasons are just about issues like gay marriage, global warming, obesity, body image, and are packed with guest stars, obviously because they are running out of ideas.
The Simpsons needs to end! It will always be a good show, but it just needs to end right now!
by Exhac April 30, 2006
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A show that many say is getting stale and old, and yes, I agree it is, but now that it has Family Guy to compete with again it will regain the lost spark that disappeared when Family Guy was cancelled. Many think that the Simpsons peaked at the cancellation of Family Guy (season 12) but so did Family Guy. It is what Family Guy copied so that it would get on TV for more than 5 minutes on Fox. A great pop culture icon and even the basis of some college classes.
From The Simpsons Episode "Homer in Space"

Reporter: Uh, question for the barbecue chef: Don't you think there is an inherent danger in sending underqualified civilians into outer space?

Homer: I'll field this one. The only danger is if they send us to that terrible Planet of the Apes. (Homer thinks for a minute then relizes something).

Homer: Wait a minute, Statue of Liberty--that was our planet! You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!
by Mister N January 18, 2006
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is a yellow framily from springfiled there names are homer marge bart lisa and maggy
homer d'oh the simpsons rock
by colinb88 October 19, 2008
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