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The act of farting in ones face after taking a royal Bowel Movement and not wiping afterwards. The victim must be asleep and the "Napalmer" must have his or her pants down resulting in Feces hitting the victims face.
Hey! I'm totally gonna napalm Jim's face tonight at the party.

Girl: I really like your freckles! They're cute!
Boy: Oh those aren't freckles, my friends napalmed me last night.

Hey bro you coming tonight? We're thinking about giving your Mom The Napalm
by N3wt April 21, 2011
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Also called the "burning squirts", though it's any crap that causes an intense burning, liquid or no.
If you hear screams of pain coming from the bathroom, someone probably has a bad case of the napalms.
by Uller June 18, 2005
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