Phrase to describe a situation the meets your approval. Rather than saying "Sounds good", use "Smells good". Passes sanity check and is a-ok.
"We will leave the house at 8 and meet up with them at 9."

"Smells good👍🏻".
by freebird_wr July 7, 2018
(N) : Cologne, what guys wear to in fact, "smell good".
I need to put on some smell goods to impress the ladies.
by spmack June 22, 2005
Yo Ehren pass me da smell good.What's dat?Da cologne. Oh Fosho C.
by CJay Lister December 29, 2007
When you have poo-poo breeze, you need to apply smell good on in order to be; werd. Comes in a can.

Also works against funky flem, and old dirty fubu-wear.
Yo Jimmy I got a funky case of the poo-poo breeze going on, pass me the smell good.
by They call me--M to the E March 29, 2005
Smell goods consist of anything used to cover up the odor of marijuana. Body sprays, colognes/perfumes, air fresheners, etc. are all "smell goods".
"We probably reek like reefer since we just hot boxed the car"
"Its all good, I brought some smell goods."
by I-B-Whirly March 3, 2008
Cologne or perfume (Created by Brianna Brumfield of Orlando, Florida)
Before I went to the club, I had to put on some smell good.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
Shampoos, deoderants, Cologne
Aww man! Hot date tonight! I better put on some smell goods before she realizes i smell like wet dog food mixed with burning hair.
by Foodpoisoning October 20, 2015