When someone hugs you for extended period of time against your will; this is often a very awkward experience for the non-hug initiator.
I went to get a glass of water, and he got up to give me The Long Hug.
by LEA March 2, 2012
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Engaging in the physical merging in a "hug" for an extended period of time. Oftentimes making co-workers uncomfortable or leading them to believe that one or the other yearns for a union of hearts/minds/souls/bodies. Is often awkward and misinterpreted in the workplace environment, lasting over 6 seconds allowing one to "settle in" whether warranted or not
Girl: I dunno, he just long hugged me. Are we dating now?
Friend: Like how long did you guys hug?
Girl: A long time. Well over there 5 seconds...
Friend: Ooh, dang, he totally wants you!
Girl: Right!?
by Massivetrauma June 18, 2018
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Normally the first step in a relationship (or second if your boyrfiend is a pussy). Long hugs are usually exchanged akwardly because the one who doenst want a long hugs is about to bitch slap the other and say "Back the fuck off". These 'long hugs' are for sucky boyfriends who arent ready to kiss yet. Lame, i know. But if you have been in anytype of relationship before, you should understand what I'm saying.
1)This 'long hug'/long hugs normally starts with the male/or felmale (im not sure if your lesbian or gay, i couldn't care less;really)wrapping their arms around your waist.

2)You slowly get annoyed by this procces, and you think that the dinos will come back before this hug will end.

3)And when this hug finally ends the (male or female, as i said before it really just depends) will attempt to hold onto you even longer, by that time you want to smack them across the face;that is a normal reaction.

4)You finally get fed up and gesture them to let go and of corse they hold on as long as possible. Now if you were annoyed by this 'long hug' these feelings make you never want to touch that person again.
by LLamma buTT March 13, 2009
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Where you insert your own thumb into your rectum, then squeeze your ass cheeks together.
Why am I so sore today, oh ya that long distance hug.
by Dark Spectrum January 12, 2017
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Give her that hug so she feels comfort around you ! Come on dumbass hug her !
You : its national give that one girl a long ass hug “ I have to give you a long hug okayy .! 😏

That one girl “ ahhhh omg awe I feel happy thank you for the hug I needed that 🥰
by That one girl :) January 12, 2021
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