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The champion of champions in Ultima Online. After you kill all of the felucca champs in each dungeon and collect their skulls and place them on the altar in the star room this loser spawns in a random dungeon. you go with a raid party and beat his a$$ and then the true harrower spawns. this guy is a total loser who has tentacles surrounding him that do area damage and he can also teleport you next to him 4tpwn. couple this with the fact that enemy guilds always try to steal harry spawns from you b/c he drops stat scrolls, and you are in for a big pain in the a$$ fight.
ANYONE UP FOR A HARRY? No thanks, I dont have time to waste on a the harrower tonight I have better things to do than getting rez killed.
by C-NASTYYY April 11, 2007
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