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Harrow School is an institution of learning reserved for the rich and upper classes. Harrow is not built on a campus: it is fully integrated into the surrounding area; there are private houses and shops on the hill, and the main road through the hill is a normal public highway and indeed a bus route. The school is made up of some 400 acres of playing fields, tennis courts, golf course, woodland and gardens. The School also owns its own working farm. Currently on the farm are a herd of English Longhorn cattle and a flock of Shetland Sheep. Harrow School charges £28,545 per year for boarding and tuition - considerably more than average annual earnings in the UK.

Please help this school and others like it; they are the last surving links to this country's former greatness. Help prevent the country being swamped with foreingers and help the removal of lower class citizens from half-decent areas of this country.
Roger: "Would you please vacate that seat?"

Jay: "Nah! What you chattin'! I got 'ere first, blud!"

Roger: "Look, I want to make a fuss, but I go to Harrow School. Just to make this crustal clear, I am superior to you and I could literally buy you. So again, would please vacate that seat?"
by i,love,being,superior! October 29, 2009
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A school for the upper echelons of society. Only the truly aristocratic may entire this domain.
'Excuse me, but please can you get off my Ralph Lauren Polo.'
'What you chattin' about?'
'I'm sorry but i'm afraid it is worth twice your annual wage, and I am on my way to give it to Oxfam, i don't like the colour.'
'Stupid Harrow school twat'
by Safal March 11, 2010
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