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3 definitions by Aerowaves

That state of enlightenment attained through drinking a vast quantity of tea. Such a state has only been reached by a lucky few, but many true believers aspire to it. Some devote their entire lives to achieving this ultimate goal of spiritual harmony.
*after finishing a cup of tea* aaahhh. I'm another step down the road to Teadom!
by Aerowaves November 21, 2007
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Home of a posh school with boys sniffing at other people and remarking rudely about them. Makes me laugh. Pupils think that everyone else are chavs
Harrow School pupil: *Sniff* I can smell the poverty...

(actually true)
by Aerowaves May 29, 2006
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An excellent city, just alive and buzzing with many cultures. Very possibly the best city in the world, though often mistaken for the only place (worth seeing anyway) in the U.K. by ignorant foreigners
English person: Have you been to the U.K. before?
Foreigner: Oh yes, I've been to London five times on holiday.
English person: Anywhere else?
Foreigner: No, there's nothing worth seeing outside the M25, it's just a barren wasteland
English person: Ignorant fool. DIE NOW! *pulls out knife and stabs repeatedly*
by Aerowaves May 29, 2006
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