An adjective given to a friend you adore a lot.
Blaady is the perfect friend to whom you can talk to for hours and hours.

They are there for you all the time.
Blaady is love.
No one blaadyer than that blaady.

That awesome girl? thats blaadykins!

Your blaadyness made me so damn happy!
by deecay March 14, 2011
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quick fire insult towards a sister, mom or grandma who is being a nuisance. Derived from the bastardisation of the english word 'bloody' and the chinese word for grandma 'por por'.
grandma, sister, mom: 'u better concentrate on your studies and stop bothering me'

1. Stop being so poora
2. Shut up u blaady poora
3. Steve Irwin would say ' by crikey, it's a blaady poora'
by chris cringle September 6, 2004
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