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The devils salad is a simple mixture tha will kick your ass and melt you to the couch before you even know it your passed out.


1. Lucifers lettuce: aka. Marijuanna, pot, weed, mary jane, reefer, or bud.

2. Crazy crutons: aka. Hash, hasheesh, gods dandruff, or bubble.

3. Risky ranch: aka. Hash oil, green ick, hash resin, green bubble.

Directions: First grind lucifers lettuce into desired size for smoking. Then break up crazy crutons to desired size and sprinkle on top of lucifers lettuce. Finally take a paperclip and straighten it out, make sure there is no plastic on the paperclip. Dip paperclip in vile of risky ranch until desired amount of oil is attached to it. Take lighter and heat up the oil lightly above the bowl peice until melted on top. Smoke and reveal you to yourself.

There you go, now how to make the infamous Devils Salad

The ultimate in marijuana smoking enjoy.
Jhon doe: "man I wanna get so baked I can't move for hours, you know not just baked but mega bake, like betty croker baked"

Jane doe: "I don't know what should we do"

Jhon doe: "I know let's go on urban dictionary and look up ideas"

Jane doe: "ok, there's something here called the. The Devils Salad looks like we would get so baked"

Jhon doe: "what do we have to do man?"

Jane doe: "says here we just gotta mix lucifers lettuce, crazy crutons, and risky ranch"

Jhon doe: " let's do it Yeahhhhh!"

30 Minutes Later.

Jhone doe: "whoollyy crrapp theyyss wasss wrighhht I dnnt evwenn knww wherrree I amms I dnnt thhnnk I ccaann even mooovee I luvvv thhhe Deviilllsss ssaaladd!"

Jane doe: " ii knnoww mmannn thhhisss iiisss ttthheee hiiigggghhessst ii eveerrr beeennn thhhannkkssss whhhoooeeevvveeerrr pppuuutttt iiiittt oonnn uuurrrbbaan ddiiicctiiiooonnnaaarrryy1"
by killz-em-all420 February 02, 2012
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