key aspect of flying dutchman. also integral within gymnastic routines.
We tried the flying dutchman but my cartwheel is more like a monkey flip.
by katieeeeklsndfleeee April 18, 2008
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To pull a cartwheel, To act so stupid and be such a snitch that you become the most hated player in all of myspace text based games that you are shunned, and rejected by everyone.
Wow man dont be lame and pull a cartwheel and get our alliance destroyed bro.
by Sebedah May 7, 2009
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An elaborate sexual maneuver involving weeks of preparation and a large initial cost investment (should be avoided by all but the most committed and enthusiastic individuals). Supplies needed: octopus, gym membership, a fun-loving and adventure-seeking spirit, more lube than you've ever used in your life, an on-site surgeon (in case of disaster) and Grimm's Book of Fairy Tales.

1) become extremely fit as a member of your local gym or community center.
2) purchase a salt water tank and octopus-- preferably a Caribbean reef octopus for its lovely indigo hue, but the common Octopus vulgaris will do.
3) *ANIMAL CRUELTY INVOLVED IN THE FOLLOWING STEP* De-tentacle the octopus, and desert the body in the appropriate biohazard container of your choice. Preserve the tentacles in your salt water tank.
4) Read your partner, in the accent of your choice, the most fucked-up of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Excellent choices include Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel.
4) For every murmur of horror they admit, slap your partner's genitalia with the tentacles.
5) Repeat until the fairy tales are complete or the tentacles no longer have any live neurons and cannot move on their own.
6) Afterwards, do cartwheels to air out one's vagina! THE VAGINA CARTWHEEL IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT THIS PROCESS.



(post-traumatic stress disorder a distinct possibility)
"My, what large teeth you have!" *gasp of horror* *slapping noise*

"Hey, I hear Henry F. is super-into Vagina Cartwheels!"
by the love pad June 1, 2012
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When you cartwheel past the entire Queen's Guard and then roll through the corridors of Buckingham Palace looking for the queen.
-A man got arrested outside of Buckingham Palace today.
-Really, how?
-He attempted the buckingham cartwheel.
by Uncle Naughty November 14, 2017
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A difficult high risk, well scoring sex move to really show a special lady you fuck well. Best performed on a couch in which the female is squashed in the corner inverted and the male performs dabbing motions straight down with her legs front and back to form an Egyptian boat.
Mate: " How was your night out with Dorothy lastnight"
Mate 2" Awesome, I fucked her all across the house and finished with an Egyptian cartwheel, she loved it"
by Ceeee February 23, 2015
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The act of the vagina inhaling air upon the initiation of a cartwheel and releasing it in the form of a queef upon completion. Such phenomenon is directly related to and a result of pelvic floor muscle palsy.
When Ruth does cartwheels, everyone thinks she’s farting when in fact she’s only cartwheel queefing.
by Kelly the Queef Chief April 5, 2019
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The act in which a group of five or more men stand in a straight line, insert their scrotums into the man in front of them, then proceed to do a synchronized cartwheel while still having anal.
Dude! I heard Johnny did a Caterpillar Cartwheel last night! They did five cartwheels before his dick snapped. Poor guy.
by Thechickenwing108 June 5, 2015
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