To get so sideways inebriated you could be confused for someone who has a stroke in their broccas region, because you're completely incoherent.
Getting so crokered on the weekend it'll make the 97 knights mad Monday look like a nuns trip to the Vatican.
by Pongaforpm March 19, 2018
Lauren Croker

A girl with a bad-ass personality. No one messes with a Lauren Croker because she will probably rip their face off in one swift movement of her razor sharp pincers. She is hot, of course, this is not only due to her sweet as bod but also due to her flaming orange hair. Some say this golden fleece of fire is even more valuable than unicorn hair itself. Legit. There is so much you could say about this noble steed but there isn't enough time or space. So in short, does she have ninja skillz? Umm, chyess of course. Is it true she once rode a banshee bare-back across Alaska to find a Taco Bell... naked? Wouldn't you like to know ;) And finally, is prophesied that one strand of her ranga hair will save us all from 2012? No doubt. Get yo' self a Lauren Croker. She is a mint buy.
Guy #1: Sweet tap dancing baby unicorn, I'm legit blinded by the radiant aura of that chick and the awesome flame bestowed upon her cranium. What is this spawn of an angel called?

Guy #2: That, my fine lad, is a Lauren Croker. She's mint, aye?
by Peppermint_Pete January 12, 2012
A kind of male genitals that have grown on a woman that have grown so abnormally large the clitoris is now unrecognisable and deformed and everytime a croker cock ejaculates liquid tendies come out of the multiple dickholes in the croker cock and when threatned the crocker cock owner will yell sket very loudly
"Awh man i went to bang this chick and she had a massive Croker cock"
by Adbraham hitler July 20, 2018
When you cough/choke while smoking
What a fucking croker

Aha that fucking idiot croking again
by savethebridge September 15, 2020