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When five or more people poop in succession in the same toilet, filling it to the top.

Most commonly done in restaurants in Maryland with five participants. The act is done by first making a batting order of the shitters. Shitter #5 takes point outside of the stall keeping watch and preventing some other poor bastard from laying their ass on the cauldron of poo. Shitter #1 goes into the stall, makes his business, and then layer it over with toilet paper. He leaves and alerts shitter #2 who is standing on deck outside of the bathroom, that it is now his time to shine. Shitter #1 tells #3 to go on deck outside the bathroom and then the process will repeat itself with the other shitters until all of them have gone besides the one keeping watch. Lastly, shitter #5 or whomever is keeping watch goes, layers it, and attempts to flush. The result should produce a clayish substance that does not

Devon and Reese and the other guys of the gang gave the restaurant the clay.
by Coffin Cover May 12, 2014
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