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A comedy channel that used to be the best on basic cable. But now it's going down the toilet because of unfunny annoying shows like Crank Yankers and Wanda Sykes, too many re-runs, and because some of the best shows are being cancelled and replaced with cheap trash.
Remember when you could watch the Man Show and Comedy Central was good?
by Scuba Steve January 10, 2005
Used to express dismissal, reject advice, renounce something, or to simply say "that won't happen".
dude 1: You can't take this boat through a hurricane! We'll sink!
dude 2: Bah.

dude 1: This ship is too big to be going this fast! There's icebergs out there!
dude 2: Bah.
by Scuba Steve January 28, 2005
the oldest company in the world. not just the oldest cymbal company, but the oldest company period. est. 1623
what is the oldest established company in the history of the world?

by Scuba Steve November 14, 2004
"We'll see" is how women say NO to guys they aren't attracted to.
Did you want to come visit me?

I dont know, we'll see.
by Scuba Steve September 18, 2005
Having a filled out physique with more emphasis placed on muscle mass than definition; swoll.
Jim got buff so the pool would hire him as a lifeguard. Now Jim gets paid $8.50 for sitting under an umbrella.
by Scuba Steve January 9, 2005