Yelled in combination with laughter after the miner says or does something stupid or out of line. Can be anything from a drastic exaggeration (usually involves numbers) to rolling around drunk on the ground outside a bar with no pants on. Miner moments are pretty common, and given enough alcohol they are inevitable.
haha Chris just accidently wiped cake frosting all over his face after falling and slamming his head on the dishwasher after taking a few too many shots.

The miner! hahaha!
by I've had like 27 beers February 4, 2009
an uncontrollable urge to interrupt conversation afflicting only those who believe everyone in hearing range is a technical idiot.

BECAUSE whoever you are talking to can't POSSIBLY know as much as you do!
John's Minerism is always apparent during team meetings!
by Trillian31 February 17, 2010
"I just wanted to see if she had the minerals..."
by Andy February 5, 2004
Substance that the body requires to function. Has recently become a meme on tumblr.
"Goats will climb almost vertically because they crave that mineral"
by icravethatmineral December 21, 2014
Colloquial term for a soft drink in rural Ireland
Would you like a mineral?
by Miley from Genroe August 21, 2008
1. a person who makes a living by working in a mine, digging up coal or whatever else lies beneath...usually several miles underground.
2. a type of school mascot
1. John worked as a miner in the mine...until it collapsed on him.
2. The Gillespie High School Miners are the best in the land!
by badassica March 19, 2006