(1) a derrogatory term for someone that is disabled or has a medicial problem that results in physical impairment.

(2) An insult implying that someone is incompetent, stupid, etc. Can also be used to imply that the person is uncool or can't/won't do what everyone else is doing.

(3) A sex slave or submissive, usually male, as popularlized by the movie Pulp Fiction.
Look at that gimp in the wheelchair

Dude, quit being a gimp and take a hit!

Bring out the gimp!
by Pymp November 1, 2003
"that is gimped of you to cheat in pool"
by seth November 18, 2003
1) A versatile slang term generally meant to insult an individual for perceived lack of competence, style, panache, or the ability to perform the given task at hand. Likewise, the referenced individual's actions may detrimentally affect the overall spirit of a group (whether temporarily or permanently). It can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

2) A derogatory term for someone who utilizes a wheelchair or walks with an abnormal gait.

3) A BDSM enthusiast who fancies full-bodied latex and or leather "gimp suits" (ala "American Horror Story", Season 1).
(n.) That girl is hot. Why is she dating that gimp who works at Planet Fitness?

(v.) It's a miracle that those girls at the bar even talked to us after you were gimping hard the entire night.

(adj.) Aaron: Bro, you left everything on the grill too long. Those are some gimp burgers!
Kyle: Gimp ass move, brah!

2) Look at that poor gimp hobbling out of the ER.

3) Ben, why did you dress up like a gimp last night?
by GotY April 23, 2013
The practice of making software run poorly on a compatitor's hardware.
nVidia's involvement in the development of Batman Arkham Asylum has gimped antialiasing performance on ATi hardware and PhysX performance on multicore CPUs. They should rebrand their developer relations program as nVidia: The Wat it's Meant to be Gimped.
by Initialised October 8, 2009
The bondage character on themovie wordPulp Fiction/word. He wasn't really useful,just funny.
Zed : Bring out the gimp

Guy : The gimp's sleepin'.

Zed : I guess you better wake him up?
by larstait October 29, 2003
When a large system is brought down by a single lame part, that is constantly the source of repeated failure, the system is said to have been gimped. People always want to replace the gimp, but it cannot be replaced. Gimping can also be applied to team sports.
The whole server system was running fine until it was gimped by the xyz. AGAIN!
by Phil Motors September 29, 2007
A picture that was modified by GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). The word also describes the act of being fooled by a modified picture.
That's a GIMPed photo. You just got GIMPed by that fake picture.
by dcfighter September 20, 2012