Yankee Doodles:
a sports bar in Santa Monica, CA.
on the 3rd st promonade
billiards, food, booze, and foozeball
ask for Sabrina!!!
in conversation:
-yo, you tryin' ta chill at the doodle tonight?
-nah, that Sabrina chick is wack, I'm goin ta Q's

as a statement:
Brad is the big pimp at the doodle
by big pimp November 20, 2003
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A polite and cute way of describing diarrhea.

Derived from the term "doody" (aka fecal matter, shit) and used to describe diarrhea while speaking publicly to family, friends or coworkers without the unpleasant language of describing the act of diarrhea.
Sorry I missed out on the office party last night but I had a case of The Doodles.

The Doodles?

Yeah I had the shits but I figured it would be a little nicer to call it The Doodles and save you from hearing me describe my overactive bowel and subsequent shitting problems.
by RichardSlinger March 03, 2011
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