The most shittiest hockey server known to man. The owner matthews cannot be an owner for shit and canucky is a horrible admin. Every cuck in there can't be trusted due to the fact everyone disables each other. No one likes this server at all and it sucks which is why its in urban.
The breakout banned xhappyx and ispy from the server
by The Breakout hater March 9, 2021
Ready to make many contributions, ready to step in and take the spotlight.
Santana Moss is ready for a breakout year this year.
by Tmac April 8, 2003
A separate space in a zoom meeting usually for students to have a discussion on what they’re learning in class aka the absolute bane of my existence
Teacher: All right students I’m putting you into breakout rooms so you can discuss *topic*

Students: goddammit

In the breakout room: awkward silence
by justablobofgay April 20, 2021
on a TV show, or in a series of movies, the breakout character is the character that comes out of nowhere and steals the show.
The Fonz, Alex P. Keaton, Steve Urkle, and Stewie Griffin are all breakout characters.
by Drama_King January 29, 2009
An artist that quickly become famous from a song they create that is very popular (They've always been there, but everyone is just discovering how good they are now)
Everyone: "Where did Icona Pop come from? they're so good!"

Some Hipster: "You're so late, i've been listening to them for years, they're just another breakout artist, you've probably only heard "I Don't Care" psh basic."
by Len Fisher November 10, 2013
It's a feature in Zoom where the host can divide the participants into randomized groups. When it comes to online school, it is the worst thing on the planet. On the surface it sounds like a decent idea, but when you have classes with only a few friends and a lot of students who you know never do any work, it's all on you to get anything done. You have to have pretty good RNG to be paired with students who will actually also do work.
Teacher: Alright guys, I'm going to be putting you guys into breakout rooms for the next five minutes.
Student A: Great, time to try and be productive for a whole five minutes while no one else does anything.
Student B: *Says nothing because he isn't even in the room*
by definitionsandstuff April 29, 2021
An extreme piece of apparel reserved for dire or desperate occasions.
John: OMG! I bought a nurse's cape at the Flea this morning!

Jason: Ok like you have the cred to wear that!

John: Not every night... it's totally a fuckin' breakout piece!
by Mahdy Wrenn February 13, 2009